Support contractors, engineering firms and technology vendors on executing carbon reduction projects.

Pragmatic solutions to manage carbon risks and opportunities in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Climate Strategies For Leading Energy Companies


Why Modern West?

What We Do


Work with energy companies to build and support carbon management plans and minimize the cost of compliance.


Collaborate with government, NGO's and regulatory bodies on climate change policy design.

Canadian climate change policy and regulatory requirements for carbon and methane emissions are changing. This new regulatory environment tasks many companies in Canada’s energy sector with the challenge of figuring out what it means for them. 

Modern West is here to help.

We will work with your team to identify tangible risks (i.e. carbon levy, regulatory non-compliance, social impact, investor demands) and proactively manage them to ensure exposure is mitigated and costs are minimized.

Change also creates new opportunities. We can identify emission reduction projects and assess their value to your organization, allowing you to leverage change through innovation and leadership. 

Significant planning and collaboration is required to effectively manage these risks and efficiently pursue the cost saving, revenue generating opportunities. The work begins today...